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Ford Racing Drivers are Getting Fired Up for the Winter Olympics

It’s the last weekend without NASCAR racing before the start of a new racing season. The rest of the country is getting into the Winter Olympics. It is only natural for some of the NASCAR drivers to as well while bidding their time waiting for the racing to begin at Daytona International Speedway. Some of the Ford Racing drivers are really into it.

It only makes sense that of all the Winter Olympic events that NASCAR drivers would get into, it would be bobsledding. This event is one of the fastest and other than not having wheels, most resembles racing. Besides who can argue about an event that has Sleds that have been influenced by NASCAR legend Geoff Bodine.

The Ford Racing drivers of Greg Biffle, Joey Logano, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Carl Edwards were asked how they would construct a Bobsled team to take on the Olympics four-man bobsled event.

Here is Greg Biffle‘s team – “So I would go with Kyle Larson as the front guy cause we need someone that is small. I will put Ricky with me in the middle and I know for sure I want Carl in the back of that thing. Kyle is the smallest and lightest and I don’t know if he is fast on his feet but that kid can drive. Kasey Kahne might be a good pick too. He has the right body type to be that first guy. We have to have Carl because you want someone that is strong to give you that power, so I have to go with Carl. I will go with Ricky because I want medium-sized guys in the middle with me. I don’t want a big guy with me in the middle. I think that team would have a shot at a gold medal. I just sure as heck don’t want to wreck.

Greg has put together a strong team but I am wondering about the cross manufacture look about it. I guess this is the Olympics and it is an American team representing America so we will have to give Greg a pass on this.

Joey Logano has a similar multi manufacture approach. – “For sure Carl is going in the back. I want him back there pushing that thing for as long as possible. I think I need Jimmie Johnson in there. I think we need a heavy guy, so let me take Tony Stewart too. That is three, and then including myself, there we have our four-man team. I want to be the driver though. I don’t trust anyone else to drive for me either, so that is perfect.

Joey appears to be onto the Carl Edwards band wagon but I don’t know what Stewart will think. Can’t disagree with the comment about driving but I bet the other three back seat drivers might.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is on board as well. –  “I will definitely take Danica as our front person. She is super-light and can fit in there perfectly. I think Carl is definitely going to be in the back pushing. We need someone back there that is crazy-strong, so Carl is my pick for that. Throw me in the middle somewhere. I think my other pick would be Jimmie Johnson. As much as he does his triathlons, I feel like his legs must be really strong to push, not to mention the guy can obviously steer pretty well. I would go with those three to join me. Danica, Jimmie and Carl. That is a pretty good team, I think.

Since you can’t have a multi country team at the Olympics a multi manufacturer team might work and it looks like there is a pattern developing with Carl. Danica sounds like a great pick out front except I don’t know how the dynamics of having your girl friend driving will play with the other teammates.

Carl Edwards is ready to go but doesn’t agree about being the guy in the back. – “First, let me say that the other guys are picking me to go in the back, which is flattering, but the issue is I wouldn’t ride with any of those guys if they are driving (laughter). Seriously though, I would pick Ricky to be the driver because he is a smaller guy. I’ve seen a couple jackmen that I think would be good. I think I want Cameron (Cobb) from my pit crew to be in the middle with me. Paul Menard would be pretty good just because of that beard he has. That guy just looks like a winter Olympian doesn’t he? Actually, I think I would take Aric Almirola. He is strong, fast, I think he would be a good guy for it. So let’s put Ricky up front, Aric and myself in the middle and my jackman Cameron in the back. That is a winning combination right there.

Just when you get to liking Carl pushing the sled he goes ahead and suggests someone else. I can’t disagree with the suggestion about Almirola but If I had to pick I would go with the guy who can do back flips without falling on his head. It’s got to be difficult to get back into that sled that is moving wicked fast. One would have to have some agility for that. Carl is the one for that.

These plans for a top notch American Bobsled Racing Ream look pretty sound. Something tells me that having four drivers in a single car, err Bobsled will be a problem. One thing is certain, it would be fun to watch.

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