Win a Race and you’re in the NASCAR Chase, Maybe not

Win Locked in? Maybe Not

When the new NASCAR Chase format was announced just about everyone thought wow, win and you’re in. Looking at the history of NASCAR, rarely have there been more than 15 different race winners in a season so it only made sense that if you win a race you’re in the Chase.

Now we are five races into the season and we have five different winners. Some teams who have won have already started talking about using the rest of the races as test sessions for the actual playoffs. If this occurs we might surely have even more winners.

This is the best scenario for NASCAR fans. Who can argue about more winners? The other thing is if teams are using races as test sessions then those teams may not actually be racing. When we get near 15 different race winners then points and race wins will become important for those teams that already have won a race.

We might just see the last five races of the season become a second season as those teams who have already won a race realize they might not make it in the Chase even though they won a race. They need another win or at the very least need to be higher in points. Suddenly it becomes go time for those who are simply testing.

Regardless of what happens it is apparent that the changes that NASCAR made to qualifying for the Chase for the Sprint Cup have made a bigger difference to the regular season then they did to the Chase itself. This is more evident in the fact that we are talking about winning, not points. It was just as boring writing about points as it is reading about points.

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2 thoughts on “Win Locked in? Maybe Not”

  1. The chase, in its original form, is a joke. The chase, in its current revised form, surpasses the original joke.

  2. Say what one wants, da rules is da rules. Play by them. I’m truly concerned for Harvick. So far he seems to have been da GUY ta BEAT every week. With all his problems, I can see him landing in the lower 30. His cars are going to have to be set up a little more dependable so that he can finish, never mind finish first. I hope his crew chief remembers how.
    Once upon a time we all knew how to fly. One day somebody forgot how and asked me to remind him. In my attempt to describe what I did naturally, I couldn’t describe it and sadly forgot how to fly too. I’m hoping the same fate doesn’t befall Kevin.

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