Carl Edwards is Leaving Roush Fenway Racing?

Carl Edwards is Leaving Roush Fenway Racing?

Saturday night at Kansas Speedway during the NASCAR Sprint Cup prerace show, Darrel Waltrip asked Carl EdwardsCan you win a Championship at Roush?” With that it is apparent that Carl Edwards is in play to move to another team if not has already committed to one.

Carl Edwards is a free agent after this year and his answer to Waltrip was very surprising.

That’s a good question? I think we can. We’ve been very close we’ve sure looked close at it but we haven’t got it done. It’s been ten years and really overall that’s my goal.” Edwards added, “I believe if I work hard enough and Roush works hard enough, I believe we can do it. There is not a better year than this year with Jimmy Fennig, the Chase format, and finishing at ford championship weekend at homestead.  So yes I know we can and we have to do it this year. We just got to keep digging.

It is obvious that Carl Edwards is at the very least testing the waters. He wants to know what he is worth to Roush Fenway Racing and other teams. He doesn’t want to talk about it but it is apparent that like the drivers before him, his contract standing will be a topic for discussion.

Prior to the current contract it was rumored that he was very close to signing a contract with Joe Gibbs Racing. Matt Kenseth, Edwards’s teammate at the time, ended up going to JGR supposedly in the ride Edwards turned down. Kenseth’s success with that switch has to be in Edwards mind.

Kevin Harvick was in a similar situation, he was at Richard Childress Racing for over ten years and no championship. He announced a very unusual almost two years before his contract was up that he was leaving. Harvick’s success so far this year with his new team at Stewart Haas Racing also has to be in Carl Edwards mind.

So as we exit facts and move into pure speculation, where is Edwards going? This discussion is also where we pick up Carl Edwards teammate Greg Biffle who is also in the last year of his contract. If both of these quality drivers are in play for other rides, what are those other rides?

There are five big high quality teams. Hendrick Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Roush Fenway Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Penske Racing.

First off Hendrick Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing have four teams; there is no room at the Inn here for Edwards or Biffle. It would be extremely awkward for either of them to drive for Penske Racing which gets technical support and engines from Roush Fenway Racing. That leaves just Joe Gibbs Racing and Richard Childress Racing.

Joe Gibbs Racing has three teams. They have always wanted a fourth team but would not start one unless the circumstances were right. Those circumstances were a high quality driver and sponsor, a team that can win right off the bat. If I were a betting man this is where Carl Edwards is going, if he is going somewhere. This leaves no room for Greg Biffle here unless another JGR driver is also in play.

Looking at teams overall performance, it is hard to imagine leaving Roush Fenway Racing to go to Richard Childress Racing. There are two other teams that might be looking to add a team. They are Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, and Michael Waltrip Racing. It is hard to imagine Greg Biffle going to any of these teams so although Biffle hasn’t been able to get a contract done and is testing the waters, it’s a very small shallow lake. That’s why Greg Biffle will stay at Roush Fenway Racing, finish his career and shine. Roush Fenway should acknowledge what Biffle has done for them the past 16 years and give him the contract he wants.

There is a reason they call it “Silly Season” sometimes what goes on simply seems Silly to those of us on the outside. Either way the old adage “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” applies. In this case, Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick have shown that the grass might just be greener there.

Carl Edwards is going somewhere, he said so “… we have to do it this year”. He wasn’t talking about a next year for Roush Fenway. So begins Silly Season, and it’s only just started.

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8 thoughts on “Carl Edwards is Leaving Roush Fenway Racing?”

  1. I believe Carl & Greg will stay at Rousch Fenway. There is not that many quality rides available that can pay their salary.

  2. I believe that Edwards is going to RPM along with Toyota. They want to back away from their embarrassments at MWR and will make a strong effort with the new team.

    Few people care what happens to Biffle.

  3. I’m guessing they both stay with Roush. Other than Penske I can’t see any move that would be a no-brainer step up and as you said that would be awkward to say the least.
    Unless JGR is ready to start that 4th team there just isn’t a better ride than RFR.

  4. I saw on about Edwards. They seem to think he means he’ll say how this year goes, that he’s testing the waters. He’ll stay at Roush if he wins a championship or comes close. If not, he’ll leave Roush. This was all jayski. I could see Biffle going part-time somewhere, if he leaves Roush since he’s an old guy (40’s sports old and Biffle’s 44). Maybe Trevor Bayne moves up to the Cup full-time with Roush and Biffle goes to the Wood Brothers, as that’s a part time team. If Edwards goes and Biffle stays, T-Bayne could replace Biffle. The Biffle-Bayne part’s my thoughts based on what I’ve seen about these drivers.

    1. Racefangurl; If Edwards leaves RFR…why would Bayne replace Biffle? I could maybe see Bayne taking Edwards ride however. Biffle might be 44 yrs old, but Bayne has very little to trump Biffle…in my opinion.

      1. I said stuff about Biffle leaving Roush too. I was talking about if one Roush free agent or the other stayed and the other left .I was saying if either Edwards or Biffle left Roush, Bayne would replace whichever one left. I made a typo, I guess going back and forth between the two possibilities confused me a bit. not dumb, just a little brain cramp.

  5. Bayne definately would be a good option for RFR. If I was Carl, id be looking at bolting as well. Not alot of quality rides available though. Carl would have to be the #1 wherever he went. I’m not sure how well Ganassi can convince people, but I could see one of the two there, but I’d think Carl would help turn RCR back around. Biffle mite be the better fit for RCR though. But then….how cool would it be to see Carl at MWR? If I had to make a GuESS at this point……Carl goes to MWR….Biffle stays…..Bayne replaces Carl. Just speculation though…..Carl should’ve taken that #20 offer that Kenseth got!

    1. I’m a Bayneiac, I admit. He’s a Roush Nationwide driver, which is how I got the idea he’d replace Biffle or Edwards, if either happened to leave Roush. When he first Cup raced, Roush had 4 Cup cars, so he got loaned to the Wood Brothers, a Roush satellite team. Then, Roush’s Cup 6 had no sponsor. Edwards says he’s friends with Bayne and might even want his friend to take his ride if he left Roush. If Edwards and Biffle both stayed and Bayne’s Nationwide sponsor, Advocare was willing to move up, he could be in the Cup 6. Roush could bring it back if a sponsor came on board.

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