NASCAR Needs a Qualifying Bump Hour

NASCAR Needs a Qualifying Bump Hour

Watching NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying it dawned on me. NASCAR really needs a qualifying bump hour instead of knock out. For those of us old racing fans Indy Car had a Bump day in order to make the Indianapolis 500, why can’t we have a bump hour to make the Sprint Cup race?

While watching qualifying this week for the race at Michigan International Speedway it finally dawned on me that in each and every session those drivers who were on or near the bubble were making adjustments and rushing out to try another lap to make or keep their position in that round of qualifying. That is where the excitement of qualifying is. That is what Kasey Kahne did on his way to the Coors Light Pole.

What if we let drivers and teams have at it. Nothing is off the table except shocks, springs and camber. Track bar up or down, wedge, new tires, tire pressure, or tape on the grill; fire away and have at it. You have one and only one hour.

Sure it would cost some teams some $$$ but it would achieve the desired result of making qualifying interesting and exciting. There would be no gaming of qualifying by the teams. Keep going till you get the prize. That is what the idea is, isn’t it?

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  1. Agree 100%, It would definitely be entertaining. AND make sure they start the race as they have qualified. Once they decide this is their best, impound the cars.

    It could be weird for some up to the first yellow flag. Then they could remove stuff or readjust accordingly.

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