“I Guess Kyle is Back”

“I Guess Kyle is Back”

Kyle Busch won the Crown Royal presents the Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard. He didn’t dominate but he hung around the front of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. Joey Logano, who came in second place, had the quote of the day “I guess Kyle is back.”

Winning four of the last five Sprint Cup races after missing the first eleven races due to injuries sustained in the opening Xfinity race at Daytona International Speedway, Busch had his work cut out for him to make the Chase.  In all deference to Logano we knew last week when he won at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Kyle Busch is indeed back.

When asked if it boggles the mind to win four races in five weeks;  Kyle Busch said, “It does a little bit. Like I said, this is unbelievable – this is something special. There’s nothing else like it. I’m so blessed to be in the position I’m in, I can’t thank everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing enough, Joe Gibbs (owner), J.D. Gibbs (president) and the entire family for giving me the opportunity. I know I have plenty of blessings. Man, my wife (Samantha) and my son (Brexton) is here, too. This has been a phenomenal return. I won’t say phenomenal year because it was a dismal year to start with, but I guess I’ll take that 11 week vacation any year if it’s going to look like this.

Sure on paper it looked like Kyle Busch could average a 15th place finish plus win a race to make the Chase, but saying  and doing that is a totally different thing. Wining four races (the same amount of races Jimmie Johnson has won) was never on the radar. Busch is definitely making a statement.

Sure, he received a waiver because of injury;  but in reality he gave the competitors an eleven race head start. When he does make the Chase for the Sprint Cup (the NASCAR version of the playoffs) many will say he didn’t deserve it. In reality, he could had simply started the first eleven races and finished last. That is the rules.

This is one of the best things to happen to NASCAR in quite a while. Kyle Busch is not just point racing; he is taking it to them. If he makes the top 30 to win the Championship, it certainly makes him worthy.  The whole point of the Chase for the Sprint Cup is to make the later races of the season matter.  They have done that and more. The last races of the season are must-watch TV.

Busch is now an incredible twenty-three points out of the top 30 to qualify for the Chase for the Sprint Cup. To put that in perspective, he is less than one half a races out of the top 30. There are six races left for Kyle Busch to get into the top 30. Busch is all but there, but he isn’t going to just ride: He is going to continue to go at it. Busch may just make the top 30 next week.

We’re a championship contending team, we just have to be championship eligible. Thank the good Lord for bringing me back when he did. Obviously thanking him for all the success I’ve had in my life, where I’m at and all my blessings.” Busch added, “To get me back as quick as he did, to preserve through that and that deficit. We’re still continuing on, we can’t have bad days. I don’t know that any of that matters, we’re going to bask in this moment here.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

Feature Photo Credit: 310891 Sean Gardner/NASCAR via Getty Images


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  1. Pffft…

    Nascar is huge on “feel good stories”, it is the only way they can get their “brand” out there, because with the racing the way it is, fans, owners, drivers and the guys who throw the hotdog wrappers over the wall on cue for a caution are dismayed at what the racing has become, This is nothing new. Kyle had for lack of a better word sucked the last few years, yes, yes, yes..some fanboys with ADHD and a bad attitude toward authority might blame Dave Rogers, but Dave Rogers never told him to slam his car into the wall or take out certain drivers with astounding regularity, as if he took a laxative and the car just had problems all by itself. Pfftt again. Lets we not forget the storming off t his trailer. A leopard does not change his spots, and he won’t.

    Now the social media went nuts for the “treatment” of his brother and then the indignity of Kyle getting hurt (as if nobody knew it was a possibility) and you have Nascar looking like the big bad wolf regarding the two infant terribles. Toyota has not been happy, fans want to see Kyle implode like he always does “in the lame Chase” and so now he is tearing it up???? Don’t think so…something rotten in Denmark. Way to go you asswipe Harvick, we know you have a thing for Logano but your lack of “pushing” caused him the race..ah payback is a beautiful thing. Is anybody more lucky than Kyle and his wife getting attention on TV she hasn’t earned. And what the hell is up with that kid’s outfit with him oozzing everywhere, did he not look The Onion Bodine anyone? Kyle has had been very lucky, and we are sick of the best of this and that…oh please..really..why is that? Last I checked he was in a field of 36 other guys equal with the lack of rings on their finger. People are sheep and so want to believe. Remember Nascar is the WWE.

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