What I Hate About NASCAR

What I Hate About NASCAR

On opening day of the first Chase race at Chicagoland Speedway the Michael Waltrip Racing team of Clint Bowyer was found to have beveled washers that would allow travel of the Track Bar under load; that is what I heard but it wasn’t really documented. This was caught in the initial inspections and the No. 15 team was subsequently fined and penalized by NASCAR.

The original penalty assessed included a $75,000 fine, three-race suspension and six months’ probation for Billy Scott (Crew Chief) and loss of 25 championship car owner and 25 championship driver points to both Robert Kauffman and Clint Bowyer. This more or less effectively takes that team out of the Chase.

On many occasions NASCAR has penalized a team with only a reference to some obscure rule leaving the rest of us to only wonder.

Today those fines and penalties were upheld under NASCAR’s appeal process which was expected. This is what I hate about NASCAR. I think that everyone, fans, teams, and media could learn more about the technical aspects of both the inspection process and what NASCAR intends for completion by knowing exactly what was done and why it hurts completion.

Maybe it is just the engineer in me coming out, but some pictures would be nice. A virtual demonstration on how this would help the car would be too cool. Think about it. The MWR teams thought that they were with-in the rules, so much so that they appealed. If they think they are that close shouldn’t we all be left to know and understand what they actually did and what that means for competition?

I can see NASCAR’s point of view, do they really need more Sunday morning quarterbacks? That makes sense but here I am. Here is the one thing I think that they are not thinking about. If we see it and it is explained then if other teams do something similar then they have even less to stand on for appeal. The reason being that a simple google search would show that one just doesn’t do that because guys like me will write about it.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

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5 thoughts on “What I Hate About NASCAR”

  1. It’s not just what was specifically penalized, in this particular case….how many other teams may have had a similar rules infraction/violation and NOTHING was done to them….? Inspectors are fallible and they can be corrupted, whether anyone is willing to admit it or not. That NASCAR has it in for MWR and possibly Clint Bowyer is left to wonder about, too. Bottom line, when this sort of thing is found in pre-race inspection, how is it determined to be a competitive advantage? That would only reveal itself in a post-race analysis, and the use of a beveled washer somewhere on the track bar, which itself is now driver-adjustable, seems a far cry from any rules violation that warrants the imposed penalty. Pictures and a summation of what such a bit of ingenuity on the part of the team would have meant to the on-track performance of #15 are warranted, or it’s a suspect call.

  2. Typical NASCAR. Correct way to handle it would be to tell them to load it up and bring out the back up. It’s only cheating if you race the car and get caught, of course you do keep the win cheating. Go figure.

  3. I think I hate everything that has happened since Baby France took over..

    You are right, they have taken the technical aspect out of the racing. They don’t even have the cut away cars anymore, or the stupid graphics showing wedge adjustments…

    Racing is for gear heads, or technical minded people, or want to be
    gear heads that can’t even understand “lefty loosy, righty tighty”.

    BSki is right, its now just run of the mill garbage entertainment,
    almost scripted and run by a marketing major that should be
    making commercials for fabric softener.

  4. Rules are rules I suppose but since the track bar is adjustible by the driver, why not allow an “automatic”adjustment? It seems to me the beveled washers would make the track bar action inconsistent.

  5. Rules are rules? Not really at Nascar, rules are rules IF “Nascrap” chooses them to be. Nascar is what the Bible calls a ….”respecter of persons”. It means a person that they either a.). Want to penalize or b.) they don’t want to penalize because of who they are and who they drive for! Nascar MANIPULATES races whether we want to believe it or not. The biggest blatant example is last years Homestead race. So obvious. Jeff Gordon had the bEST car and had led quite a bit coming into the end of the race when he suddenly goes off the track for a “pit stop”, that loses him the race! In the meantime Harvick leads the rest of the race followed by Newman (who’d never ran up front the whole year), and Hamlin. The only reason Logono wasn’t up there, too, was a mistake he made. What is the likelihood if the final four running together ALL day? Gordon’s crew chief and Gordon made no comment, but it was obvious that Gordon was called off the track so this farce for the championship could turn out the way Nascar wanted. The Chase has been proven to be the biggest culprit in the total loss of fans in Nascar, but they keep on with it! Nascars last year without the Chase they still had full stands, but every year since has lost fans by the thousands. The stands are so empty now they try to hide it with the paint or placards! We’ve been to about 50+ races so I know what the stands have been like. Now we no longer go because I’m not going to a race to watch who they want win! Liars and cheats are one and the same. The Chase has been the poster boy for that outcome!

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