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Welcome to Behind Pit Row. is a website that will provide not just news about NASCAR but the story behind the news. The goal isn’t to be controversial but that doesn’t mean the content won’t at times be critical.

The writers here are not journalists and they are not bloggers. In reality they are somewhere in between. Our staff has access from NASCAR, the race tracks and teams to news as it is being made. That is why, although this is technically a blog, the news is still covered.

We strive to be as fair, balanced and independent as any journalist is but each and every story will contain the news and commentary about it. Some stories lend themselves to be mostly news; others end up being mostly commentary stories. The goal is to provide fresh relevant content regarding NASCAR with a balanced opinion.

We hope you enjoy the content on our website to the extent that you want to comment yourself and share with your friends. Thank You for reading.

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