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NASCAR Fans Don’t Appreciate Tape Delayed Qualifying

Fox Sports has been showing the new NASCAR Qualifying via a tape delay. This has caused an uproar from fans on Twitter.

The new NASCAR Knock Out Qualifying was billed as making watching Qualifying more exciting for the Fans both in the stands and on TV. Knock Out Qualifying is doing just that.

Fox Sports in their quest to show all of the new action has utilized a tape delay. This is understandable since qualifying takes less time now and action on the track does not stop like it did in between cars during qualifying in the past. A commercial break, even a short one will eliminate as much as 30% of the action on the track. In other sports commercials can be fit in-between the action. They do not stop NASCAR to fit in commercials.

NASCAR fans on Twitter get, expect and understand the actual power of Twitter. The fact that if you follow the right people you may get tweets about news, real time, as it happens. This actually happens each and every hour of everyday and especially when cars on the Track.

During the broadcast of qualifying the actual action starts out approximately live but by the end is a full qualifying segment behind. NASCAR fans then know the results, via the power of Twitter, long before it is shown on TV.

What is Fox Sports to do? During the race they are criticized each and every week for missing action on the track while at commercial. When an opportunity to show all the action, during what really is a short event, those same fans on Twitter are still not happy.

We all must remember that this day and age of Social Media is new. We need to get used to the power of it. Even watching an actually “Live” broadcast there is as much as a 20 second delay. This past week at Bristol Motor Speedway highlighted that. The cars on TV were always about one full lap behind the tweets from people at the track.

One thing is certain, NASCAR fans who watch on TV and on Social Media at the same time are some of the most passionate and committed sports fans around. The commitment to keep up with the live action both as seen and read via Social Media takes great dedication and devotion.

As much as our NASCAR Twitter verse is large, the amount of NASCAR fans watching on TV is larger by millions. Fox Sports must make a product for TV that can be watched without Social Media. Those of us on Social Media will need to understand and accept the reality that some events will never be truly shown live.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

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Kyle Busch Needs to Get the Magic Back at Bristol Motor Speedway

The NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup season for Kyle Busch hasn’t exactly gone well but it hasn’t gone bad either. Kyle Busch needs to step it up to get that win and lock himself into the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Returning to his dominance of Bristol Motor Speedway during the Food City 500 would go a long way toward goal.

The Bristol Motor Speedway is a 1/2 mile (.533 Mi), high speed, high banked short track. This track is like no other. Some people refer to it as a blender because after one lap the cars are nose to tail around the whole track. It takes about 15 seconds for one lap, four laps in a minute. Quite simply a driver could sneeze and loose a lap. This being a short track the race is 500 laps or 266.5 miles.

Looking at the driver ratings for Bristol Motor Speedway Kyle Busch is tied with his teammate, last fall’s winner, Matt Kenseth with a rating of 101.8. They are followed closely behind by Bristol Master Jeff Gordon at 101.2. Even though there is a big gap between them and the rest of the top 10 in driver ratings those other guys are not bad either.

Other drivers to watch out for in this list is Kyle’s brother Kurt Busch, who before Kyle owned this track. Also watch out for hot shoe Dale Earnhardt Jr. who currently has an average finish for the season better than 2. This weekend it will be all Kyle Busch.

Kyle Busch said, “Bristol is one of my favorite tracks.  I certainly like the old style.  I certainly like the new Bristol — the new, new Bristol I’m not quite a fan of.  Ever since the grind I haven’t quite liked it as much, but that’s for different drivers here or there on different days.

If making the Chase isn’t enough Kyle Busch is hoping to break the tie with his brother Kurt and Jeff Gordon in Bristol Cup Wins. They lead all active drivers with five wins each.

Enjoy running around Bristol.  It’s just a fun track — a half-mile, high-banked concrete like that — the speed you carry around there and I have the track record there.  It’s certainly a crazy race track and there’s not many of them out there that are like it.

80% of races at Bristol Motor Speedway have been won from a top ten starting position. This means that the new qualifying will be every bit as crazy as Kyle says the racing is. Qualifying will be Friday, March 14th at 4:30 PM ET on FOX Sports 1.

If you can’t get to Bristol Motor Speedway for the Food City 500 it will be broadcast on Sunday March 16th on FOX starting at 12:30 PM ET.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

Feature Photo Credit: 283901 John Harrelson/NASCAR via Getty Images

Top 10 Driver Ratings at Bristol
Kyle Busch…………………………. 101.8
Matt Kenseth……………………….. 101.8
Jeff Gordon………………………… 101.2
Brad Keselowski……………………. 94.9
Greg Biffle……………………………. 94.8
Kurt Busch……………………………. 92.0
Jimmie Johnson…………………….. 91.4
Denny Hamlin……………………….. 90.3
Kevin Harvick………………………… 89.8
Dale Earnhardt Jr…………………… 89.3
Note: Driver Ratings compiled from 2005-2013 races (18 total) among active drivers at Bristol Motor Speedway