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Which NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Has the Most Wins for Ford?

Ford has been involved in NASCAR racing since it’s the beginning.  The list of drivers who have won in a Ford is a who’s who of NASCAR racing. Ned Jarrett won the first Championship for Ford and also outpaces all ford drivers with 43, in what is now the Sprint Cup Series, wins.

79 drivers have won a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race under the Ford nameplate. There have been eight series championships for Ford since NASCAR began competition in 1949, but Ned Jarrett captured the first in 1965.

When I learned that I had won the championship and was the first one to win it in a Ford, it made me extremely proud,” said Jarrett, who drove a Ford Galaxie to that initial championship.  “I grew up in a Ford family.  My dad had a farm and a sawmill and a Ford car and Ford trucks.  When tractors came out, he bought a Ford tractor, so I was pretty well married to Ford.  I grew up in them, and when I learned I was the first driver to win a championship, I was beside myself.  I felt better after learning that than I did about winning the championship to start with.  It’s just a great feeling.

The championship, which was Jarrett’s second overall, came in dominating fashion as he won 13 times and posted 42 top-five finishes in 54 starts.  His marquee victory was undoubtedly the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, which he won by a record 14 laps.

Bill Elliott has won 40 races in a Ford and to some might have been on the top of the list of Ford winners.

Photo Credit:  Ford
Photo Credit: Ford

I was honestly surprised when I learned that I was the driver that had won the most races in a Ford,” said Jarrett, who has 43 Ford wins – three more than second-place Bill Elliott. “I was very proud of that record as well.  It’s hard to put into words how something like that makes you feel, especially when you were a Ford guy growing up.

Jarrett was recognized with the Spirit of Ford Award in 2003, which is the highest honor in Ford Performance. The award goes to someone who has made significant contributions on and off the track to the sport of auto racing.”

Newer NASCAR fans might have put Mark Martin or Ned Jarrett’s son Dale Jarrett on the list of the most wins for Ford. Their wins of 35 and 30 fall short of Ned Jarrett and Bill Elliott’s record of 43 and 40 wins.

Although this is about Ned Jarrett, David Pearson won 29 races in a Ford and 43 in a Mercury. Rounding out the list of Ford wins are Junior Johnson and Fred Lorenzen at 26 wins each. Matt Kenseth has 24 and Rusty Wallace 23.

Ned Jarrett Remains Ford’s All-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Wins Leader 50 Years After Winning First Championship

If you want to watch a video of Ned Jarrett follow this link http://youtu.be/vWYfVkyzR0o.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

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Roush Fenway Racing Gets the Elephant Out of the Room

Last week, just before the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis—the second biggest race on the NASCAR schedule—Roush Fenway Racing announced its driver line up for 2015. Carl Edwards will not be a part of that driver line up, but Greg Biffle will be back. The other drivers will be Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Trevor Bayne.

At the time and several days later the timing of the announcement was questioned. With a little over two hours before the race, it was a time when prerace appearances were starting and a time when prerace sponsors’ parties were starting. Not really an opportune time to announce a top driver leaving an organization, or was it?

Carl Edwards has won a race and will most likely be in the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Greg Biffle has not won a race and he is not in the top 16 in points to make the Chase. Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Roush Fenway’s third driver, is similarly out. They have been struggling as a three car team. If something doesn’t change, Edwards will not win the Championship and the others will have no way of making the Chase.

We can imagine that plans must be made so that the team not only succeeds this season, but next season as well. It can be imagined that at those parties in Indianapolis, people would be asking: what will happen next year?  When putting that context into it, it is surprising that Jack Roush didn’t make an announcement earlier.

Just this week another team made a similar early announcement in order to keep their program going in the right direction. It has been known for some time that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be losing his crew chief Steve Letarte at the end of the season. What has not been known is who would replace him, in this case Greg Ives. Dale Earnhardt Jr. summed it up best. ”I just didn’t want to have to sit there in limbo.  I don’t like being in limbo about nothing and having any kind of stuff up in the air.”

Those same thoughts had to be running around the whole team at Roush Fenway Racing.

The only hope Roush Fenway has for this season and making next season stronger was to usher the elephant out of the room and move on. This elephant was only going to get exponentially bigger each week until the race at Richmond. This is a distraction that is not good for race teams working hard to get better and win a Championship.

Now that elephant is on Joe Gibbs Racing’s back. Jack Roush is a pretty smart guy.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

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So Where is Greg Biffle Going?

This past week at Dover International Speedway during the NASCAR on FOX prerace show Gas N Go segment Chris Myers asked the Waltrips, Michael and Darrell (DW), are Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle leaving Roush and where do they go? Well just like a few weeks ago when DW seemed to know where Carl Edwards was going, he proceeded to throw Biffle into the Silly Season deep end.

Darrell Waltrip said, “Here’s my prediction, Carl (Edwards) will stay with Ford, I don’t know if it will be with Roush or I might be with Penske but he will stay with Ford.

Then Darrell throws Greg Biffle in the deep end. He put his hand on his brother Michael’s shoulder and continues, “and Greg Biffle will go with some two car team, that maybe one time had a third car.

Michael looks at the camera and quickly adds, “I think Carl goes and Greg Stays, I think Biffle stays at Roush he’s going to the veteran, the anchor to that rookie lineup for the young guys who are going to race at Roush.

Many writers and analysts seam to take this as Greg is leaving for Michael Waltrip Racing, who just last year had three teams.  Just like a few weeks ago where DW all but had Carl Edwards say he was going to Joe Gibbs Racing this too might be a bit premature. It might just be DW stirring the pot in order to make great TV… Or is it something else entirely?

I think that everyone was reading DW’s signs to his brother Michael wrong. It looked to me like a brother telling his brother, “Go ahead you can do this.”

I think it means that Michael Waltrip had told or asked his brother DW recently in confidence if they should make a go at trying to get Greg Biffle. It also might just be DW saying you need a third car and here is a “Cat” that you should be looking at.

Either way Silly Season is in full swing. The more Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle get put into play the more Silly it is going to get.

Brian Berg Jr. is a NASCAR writer for BehindPitRow.com.

Feature Photo Credit: 287149 Jared C. Tilton/NASCAR via Getty Images